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Dr. Antonio Montresor is awarded the R. Geigy Foundation Medal

Great honor for Dr Antonio Montresor. The former focal point of soil-transmitted helminthiasis at the Department of Control of Neglected Tropical Diseases at the World Health Organization (WHO) received the medal of the R. Geigy Foundation. The award was presented to him during a guest lecture on the control of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) in Cambodia, which he gave at the Swiss TPH headquarters in Allschwil on 14 June 2023. "Antonio Montresor has been a key partner for Swiss TPH and the R. Geigy Foundation in the fight against diseases such as schistosomiasis for decades," says Jürg Utzinger, Director of Swiss TPH and President of the R. Geigy Foundation. In addition, Antonio Montresor was crucial in the process of Swiss TPH's nomination as a WHO Collaborating Center for Epidemiology and the Control of Helminth Infections in 2014. "I am delighted to receive this award and congratulate Swiss TPH for its decade-long commitment to a field of research that to date has received too little global attention," says Antonio Montresor.

The R. Geigy Foundation, which supports Swiss TPH in bringing the best science to the most neglected populations, award the Medal of Honor to a small selection of individuals who have made a significant impact both at Swiss TPH and in the global fight against neglected tropical diseases.


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