2016: Giovanna Raso

R. Geigy Foundation-Award 2016,

Country: Switzerland / Italy, born: 1973

“People in Côte d’Ivoire suffer from various parasites at the same time”

Dr. Giovanna Raso is an epidemiologist who explores new ways to improve the health of rural populations in Côte d’Ivoire. In her research, she focuses on helminth infections and on improving water and sanitation. «People in Côte d’Ivoire suffer from various parasites at the same time”, she says - A fact that has been shaping her career as an epidemiologist from early on. Her latest research project analyses the combined influence of chemotherapy, latrine construction and health education programmes in schools. Raso’s work provides the backbone for evidence-based health recommendations offered by WHO, among others. Giovanna Raso obtained a PhD at the University of Basel and Swiss TPH in 2004. She now works as a project leader at Swiss TPH..

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