Facts & Figures

Facts and Figures

The Foundation's total fund

The Foundation's total fund amounted to CHF 7.7 million (end of 2018).


Money granted from 1977 to 2018

Between 1977 and 2018, the R. Geigy Foundation supported the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute with a total of CHF 26,872,500.

CHF 10,486,655 (39.0 %) supported research activities, mainly in Switzerland, Tanzania, Liberia and other countries. CHF 3,436,032 funded doctoral research while CHF 389,410 contributed to postdoctoral research and CHF 510,657 was spent on training Swiss TPH collaborators, corresponding to a share of 16.1 % for education and training.

CHF 9,837,273 were made available to provide infrastructure and CHF 410,855 provided instruments and equipment together comprising 38.1 % of funds.

From the Eremitage Fund, CHF 498,082 (1.9 %) supported various projects.

The Anniversary package for the institutes 70th anniversary, etc. amounted to CHF 1'303,536 (4.9 %).


Managing Director of the R. Geigy Foundation
Dr. Lukas Meier

Vice-President of the R. Geigy Foundation
Jean-Marc Joerin