August 2016

Female Gynaecologists make a Difference
Female gynaecologists differ in their diagnostic and treatment approaches from their male colleagues according to a Swiss TPH study supported by the R. Geigy Foundation.

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February 2016

The survivalist
Malaria parasites are not easy to get rid of. Once in the human body, they skilfully undergo immune response. How they do that exactly is subject of a Swiss TPH research project funded by the R. Geigy Foundation.

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January 2016

R. Geigy Foundation Award 2016: Call for Submission
The RGS is looking for the most suitable candidate to be honoured with the 9th R. Geigy Foundation Award. Please hand in your suggestions until the 15. August 2016!

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August 2015

Resistant mosquitoes
There are no consistent methodologies to monitor insecticide resistance. A RGS- supported research project tackles this problem.

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July 2015

Fighting helminth infections in Africa
Project: Systems epidemiology of human schistosomiasis and livestock fascioliasis in Chad and Côte d’Ivoire

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Prof. Dr. Marcel Tanner

Ulrich Wasser

Rudolf Geigy, Tanzania 1964
Field Visit, Tanzania 2011
R. Geigy searching for mosquito larvae, Thysville, Côte d'Ivoire 1946
Lectures Swiss TPH, Basel
R. Geigy is shown plans for the zoological garden Basel, 1949
Rudolf Geigy malaria expedition, Tanzania 1958
R. Geigy giving a lecture at the Swiss Tropical Institute, Basel 1958
Students conducting a bilharzia field research, Tanzania, 1960s

The foundation's purpose is to support Swiss TPH. It maintains and manages the properties under its ownership and makes them available to Swiss TPH on preferential conditions and on a non-profit basis. The R. Geigy Foundation uses its assets to support Swiss TPH projects, in particular:
- Research and teaching projects
- Publications by staff and doctoral candidates
- Purchases of books for the library and of instruments and apparatuses